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Jason Webley returns to AZ! Jan 7th '11 @ Trunk Space

For Immediate Release!
The Trunk Space is PROUD To Present
Jason Webley!
Friday January 7th

WHO: Jason Webley, Folk Musician, and indie sensation!
WHAT: A One Man Underground and Entertainer Extraordinaire!
WHERE: The Trunk Space, 1506 NW Grand Ave, 602-256-6006
WHEN: Friday January 7th, after First Friday!
WHY: This performer, this night, will renew your life for the year!

Additional Info:

"I don't care what kind of music you say you like, if you aren't thrilled to be alive after a Jason Webley show, you may have no heart to thrill." --JRC, Co-owner of The Trunk Space

He is touring in support of his new release: "Eleven Saints" about which Neil Gaiman (author of SANDMAN & Caroline) said "I cannot get these songs out of my head!"

Jason Webley has been called "A One Man Underground" and a maker of "Music that tears itself apart."
Jason Webley is, at his simplest, a accordion playing folk musician.
Leaving the description there however would do a great disservice to his awesome power as a showman.
Simply put, I don't think we've ever had an performer so capable of wowing an audience.

He has toured with the Dresden Dolls, and just released a Graphic Novel with Amanda Palmer, based on the same Album, Eleven Saints. (

"Webley howls at the rafters with the courage and conviction of a long-gone sailor, and seduces the candlelight with melodies as delicate as a gossamer balloon; he pumps the bellows like a Romanian wedding singer and feathers the keys like a desert drifter." -San Francisco Weekly

Please, visit his website, but, if you are unimpressed after listening to some songs, remember that its his talent as a live performer that will really win you over.
Do not miss this show!

Local support will be the toe taping amazing Haymarket Squares!

This show is scheduled for Friday January 7th, 9pm.
Tickets will be just $5 purchased in advance.
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