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Jazz, on tour from Italy: Tribraco & Neo, modern, tight, jammy.

For Immediate Release
The Trunk Space Presents
Live Jazz from Italy
Tribraco & Neo
Monday Sept 20th

Additional Info:

WHO: Tribraco, on tour w/ Neo from Italy.
WHAT: Modern jazz riffs and Indie rock swagger. Intelligent and fiery!
WHERE: The Trunk Space, 1506 NW Grand Ave. 602-256-6006,
WHEN: Mon. Sept. 20th, 7pm door, 8pm show. $8 cover.
WHY: Perfect cross section between DIY rock/punk and high class jazz.

Neo is a Jazz-punk-blues trio their latest album "Water Resistance" is distributed by Zebralution and Wayside (USA). Included in history of jazz, a DVD collection edited by "La Repubblica/L'Espresso," the main italian newspaper.
Neo played tour dates of James Chance & The Contortions. Neo played also with Zu, Steve Piccolo & The Crowdofone (USA), Flying Luttenbachers (USA) Sabot (USA), The Hub (USA).
"the trio is harmonically and rhythmically close to Northern Europe’s contemporary music, except for the overseas influences of Frank Zappa, Fred Frith, John Zorn or Minuteman." They have also received high praise from Flea (Red Hot Chili Peppers) and Mike Watt (on The Pedro Show).
Neo are: Manlio Maresca (Guitar), Carlo Conti (Tenor sax), Antonio Zitarelli (Drums).

Tribraco was born in Rome in 2004 as an instrumental trio and enlarged in 2007 with the present quartet, formed by Lorenzo Tarducci (guitar, loop machine), Valerio Lucenti (bass), Tommaso Moretti (drums), Dario Cesarini (guitar, loop machine, effects).
The creativity of the four tight-rope walkers musicians is expressed in the balance between the structured composition and free improvisation, syncopated and pressing rhythms.
"There’s jazz, there’s rock, there’s wine. There is the virtuosity, there is a lack of memory such as the Meshuggah, there is some vintage (...) And despite being recorded in direct hold that is not lazy improvisation but a precise care." -

Tribraco & Neo will play The Trunk Space on Sept 20th.

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